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Would You Like to Partake in ‘Project 370Z’

Posted at Wed, Mar 14, 2012 12:00 AM

Nissan began its "Project 370Z" in conjunction with with the North American introduction of the 2013 370Z Roadster at the Chicago Auto Show. Now, Nissan is looking for a little assistance from its enthusiastic fans. The catch is, these Nissan fanatics must be also be a fan of the automaker on Facebook in order to partake.

Well, that isn't too hard nowadays is it?

Here at Hawkinson Nissan we really think it's worth the small effort because, it would be very rewarding to know that you contributed to the design of Nissan's new sports car.

"Project 370Z" isn't your typical online activity. Once Facebook fans vote on possible updates for the exceptional 370Z, Nissan will manufacture this consumer-designed sports car, by making use of aftermarket accessories and auto parts.

This underscores two very important attributes of Nissan. First, the automaker sincerely cares was YOU think. Second, they're on the up and up, as far as technology/communications (i.e., social media) are concerned.

Does Nissan have plans to sell the unique Nissan 370Z once it's completed? Luckily, the automaker will not. Nissan wants as many enthusiasts as possible to have the benefit of viewing this sports car. As such, they're planning to debut your masterpiece at their annual ZDayZ event in May and feature it at other enthusiast gatherings throughout the year (i.e., the ZCON 2012 and 2012 SEMA shows).

For more details, surrounding "Project 370Z", visit and/or Teddy Nissan wishes you happy voting and encourages you to share  what engine will you vote for (turbocharged or supercharged) with other Nissan 370Z enthusiasts in the greater Bronx area.

If you're interested in finding out more details about the Nissan 370Z Roadster, contact Hawkinson Nissan today. Or, feel free to stop by  Matteson Auto Mall - 5513 Miller Circle Drive in Matteson, IL. We would love to share more information about the 370Z and if we have the vehicle in on our lot, our sales team can schedule a test drive for you.

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