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Why Lease or Finance

Hawkinson Nissan Lease or Finance

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Hawkinson Nissan in the Matteson Auto Mall Helps You Weigh this Financing Decision

Choosing how you will invest in a new Nissan model in Matteson may feel complex at first, but our finance experts are here to simplify the process and provide necessary clarity for your purchase and lease decision. Weigh the factors, consider how each option differs, and gain confidence in your ability to make an informed decision at Hawkinson Nissan in the Matteson Auto Mall through our definitive financing and lease guide!

Why Lease?

Reasons to Lease

When you lease a new Nissan model through our finance experts here in Matteson, you benefit in the following ways:

  • Lower Payments - With minimal or no down payment and lower monthly payments, leasing can prove a more affordable option for shoppers
  • New Nissan Experience - You still get to operate a new Nissan model with the latest in brand technologies and features when choosing the leasing option
  • Shorter Agreements - Flexible lease terms mean you have the freedom to move on from a new Nissan model every few years and upgrade accordingly

Why Finance?

Reasons to Buy

Advantages of choosing to purchase a new Nissan sedan, truck or SUV are as follows:

  • Ownership - When you buy a vehicle outright – utilizing an auto loan configured through our finance team – you begin to build equity in this automotive investment, fully establishing this ownership privilege once your auto loan is paid off. You can trade-in this vehicle over time, sell it outright or continue to operate from behind the wheel, enjoying a strong return on your purchase
  • Restriction Freedoms - No mileage limitations are applied as part of your purchase decision, allowing you to travel freely and accrue odometer increases without hesitation. The freedom to customize with genuine Nissan auto parts and accessories is another essential perk
  • Pride - This vehicle belongs to you solely once an auto loan is accounted for, serving as a strong point of pride that many drivers often appreciate

What We Recommend

It all depends! Your personal preferences and contextual requirements matter for this decision, making the option to purchase or lease a new Nissan model from our Matteson, IL dealer location largely dependent on what you value most.

If you're having trouble identifying what qualities matter, our finance experts are happy to cover these details more extensively and answer any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to reach out today and schedule a consultation. For shoppers who now feel ready to get started, we recommend filling out a financing application to move this process forward!

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